Global Pitch is the biggest worldwide online pitching competition, organized by us –  DealMatrix.

Our Goal? Get you connected to investors, events, corporates and many other opportunities.

What will you get?

  • Win the Golden Ticket and travel with us to the most relevant conferences.
  • Ever thought about expanding your market into German-speaking/CEE market? You can win a Vienna Startup Package and get fully covered to spend 2 month in Vienna!
  • Everything is online, we can connect you to the right opportunity worldwide.
  • You can re-use your company profile for future applications – saves time!
  • If we see a new opportunity that suits your company pop up, we will notify you and you can apply with one click.

Our specifics: 

We are looking to crown the best pitch in the following categories:

  •        Our Planet (Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and Social Impact)
  •        Our Body (Healthcare, Medical, Biology, Wellness and Wellbeing)
  •        Our Economy (Production, Distribution, Trade and Markets)
  •        Our Information (Data Generation, Prediction, Consumption and Analytics)
  •        Our Cities (Smart Cities and Homes, e-Government)

Application Deadline: April, 22. 

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